Am I A Psychopath

Apollo Clone

The latest project debuted with the macabre-laced single Dead Dreams, which serves as a microcosm of the emo-rap genre, showcasing conscious bars and authenticity in its behind-the-scenes look at real world artists’ desperate struggle not to fall victims to the rat race statistics. We hear Apollo audaciously compare surrender to suicide as he ardently describes watching his peers one by one give up on themselves. Racking in over one hundred thousand streams just after inception, Dead Dreams caught the attention of playlist curators and influencers across the globe.

Delivered next was I Don’t Sleep, with its music video graphically presenting Apollo running amok through dark corners of the mind, questioning sanity, deciphering insanity. Filming took place at Milledgeville, Georgia’s Central State Hospital, purportedly providing a visual metaphor for mental anguish that keep one’s mind always racing, unable to rest.

This time around, the visual companion piece for Nauseous presents the anguished rapper escaping from a mental institution and sprinting through the woods in a strait jacket, desperately attempting to shadow (or perhaps serenade) a previous lover. Ambiguity is prevalent as Apollo once again displays blatant disregard for the reception and sensitivity of the listener, vehemently touching upon the struggles that ensconce and provide substance for the underground hip hop world.

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