Apollo Clone goes dark, blends genres, EP update; Preview the new single- Nauseous


(Photography by Jake Moore @redbellcentral)


(Atlanta, GA) June 24th, 2020 - Chicago native alternative hip hop artist Apollo Clone announces the debut of his new single “Nauseous." Attributing the song to a physical manifestation stemming from incessant mental anxiety, Apollo proclaims this ailment as having plagued him since adolescence.  “It’s interfered and prevented a lot of otherwise profound moments in my career, and holistically speaking, my life. Relationships, performances, even sports as a kid, were tough when you constantly tended to vacate the setting to avoid embarrassment. I constantly feared making a scene; people seeing me about to vomit and after alienating me, questioning my physical health.” 


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Presave/Preview Nauseous here

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Apollo Clone bloody hand
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Apollo Clone 2020


Live Performance at Smithes Olde Bar Northwest Atlanta


Inquiries- contact apolloclone123@gmail.com