Apollo Clone goes Pop Punk, blends genres- Announces new single Hollywood is Hell


Artwork by @mmiss_illatease

(March 26th, 2021) - Chicago native alternative hip hop artist Apollo Clone announces the debut of his new single “Hollywood is Hell" (feat. HELLSTRVCK.) Endorsed by celebrities spanning from DJ Cutthroat of Atlanta to Swae Lee & 2 Chainz, the self-proclaimed pioneer of the Anti-Rap genre will be crossing over to a lighter side (or less dark side) with the March 26th premiere.

“The tracks exists as a reflection of my own sorrowful state-of-affairs in Los Angeles: my girlfriend dumped me, hurt me deep… I’m rebounding and getting fucked up a lot but I know that won’t fill the void. I thought she believed in me, but she’s a Hollywood diva. My friends are fake too. They’re nowhere to be found when I need them the most. I can’t trust anyone in LA because they’re all just trying to hustle or figure out how to take from you without the concept of ‘giving.’ But this is Hollywood; I knew what I signed up for so fuck it, no time to self-pity” explains Apollo. 

Coming off underground success with the recent conceptual EP Am I A Psychopath, Apollo Clone has been catapulted into bigger conversations while wasting little time bringing us this new tearjerker. He rose to the scene in 2019, preaching the patented ‘Embrace the Outcast’ philosophy and crediting his sound as having been cultivated from lean years of falling victim to the belief that being different and not following the norm was a bad thing. Harvesting those insecurities and strange idiosyncrasies, he began to exploit them through music, overcoming feelings of persecution from friends, family, and the standard patterns of society.

Hollywood is Hell encompasses the prevalent Millennial angst, offering rebellious vibes with a rock-guitar led instrumental. Apollo has listed Lil Peep, Kid Cudi & Linkin Park as influences. 

                A passionate music lover from a young age, Apollo Clone discovered a proclivity towards singing and writing shortly after high school. When the shift to college had him transmute somber feelings and apprehensions into journaled lyrics, he soon got into rap & hip hop, continuously penning down emotional numbers to express depression and anxiety. Self-composition imminently followed as he found music to be a cathartic channel in actualizing emotional freedom. 

                Apollo dropped out of college during his third year, moving to Los Angeles and delving sparsely into many temporary passions such as acting and videography, but finally decided that music held the ultimate call. Throughout this saga, each challenge during his rogue journey was translated into poignant missives to turn into songs. 

                Says Apollo, "If somebody feels like the world doesn’t believe in them, I have a song for that. If someone has lived out of their car while trying to make it in a new city, I have a song for that. If someone has turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with the loneliness, only to watch those artificial companions release more demons over time, I have a song for that. If there’s someone out there that would give up the security of living near family, or the compassion from a partner that loves them but doesn’t support their journey, or even the safety of a corporate, salary paying position… if there’s someone that would give up on all of that before giving up on their dreams… come hear my message." 

            Apollo Clone's music is a fusion of mainstream pop with sad rap. An eclectic array of instrumentation completes the production. He focuses on a flow dominant with conscious lyrics and a captivating aura to create a pleasant ambiance and resonate profoundly with each listener.

For inquiries, interviews or promo copies of Dead, Dreaming contact jamescherifield@apolloclone.com

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