1. Charisma

From the recording Think and Grow Rich

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Give me one more chance
Give me one last laugh
Get me two more shots
Then Ill pay my tab
Give me one more chance
Give me one last laugh
Get me two more shots
Then Ill pay my tab

now this the topic... ain't it?
Went from mamma condo Elmhurst to uptown location
Me and J Walk before all this freestyled in the basement
Mmmm I stayed privileged... he stayed complacent
They say nothing's impossible
All you Yellowstoners taught me what not to do
Burning every single bridge I ever built
More important I burned every escape route too
Gave it a shot, chase the industry
bigger man folds, lack of symmetry
you stepped on me like an unwelcome mat
Matter of fact I remember that all so vividly
Didn't see the target until I missed
Started underground with tunnel vision
Climbed out the hole, filled a new prescription
Got to see the light change the way I was living
Low viscosity, don't resist flow
Key shortcut, always in control
Sleeping in cars inspired what i wrote
Promise to get there And guide you from the cold
All my life been waiting for the breeze
Never been the best at apologies
Never the owner Dog always on a lease
Need the fans to help convert a breeze

Give me one more chance
How bout one last laugh
Give me two more shots
So I can pay my tab
Give me one more chance
Give me one last laugh
Get me two more shots
Then Ill pay my tab

I need a happy ending, and a new hobby
With a new job, a new con, a new place
escape the taste of racial Slur verse filler, purse stealers
While I'm at it hit the lotto, that ain't what made me rich
My Prerogative is to deny these Florida whores
And Buy myself an island to be by myself mahalo
Apollo, lolla, when XXVII
I ride, solo, faux pas, so no, no more
I ain't all that good of a guy, I talk a lot about leaving
Wish someone would come find me, Long game of hide and seeking
Never meant to make you cry, Never could control these feelings
Never good at meeting people, Getting used to silent treatments
I admit, I had more fun doing this for me,
for free, but we, all got, to eat
all pay our dues in the end
Putting on that bona fide persona must be time to pretend
That There's truth in the matter, Proof in the pudding
Stubborn dude so troubled doing things they said I shouldn't
Well Look at me now, Went from the slammer to charismatic
Troubled youth friends parents said I was addicted to mischief
And now you know I seen it
And now you know I feel it
the bullshit I deal with
So imma tell my own secrets
Finally broke the mold now 20 bucks don't break me
Give me six months to write that check dawg you don't gotta thank me