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Someday, when we have money

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The third track, and number 3 single off of Think and Grow Rich. Featuring Chicago singer Luna Luster.


I was born sharing DNA, sharing clothes, sharing hoes, sharing half of everything
Then I Turned my halves into haven't yets
Fantasized about being the best, and joining the rest
You know They cut me from the womb technically that mean I wasn't planned dawg, I'm playing dawg

It's funny how I go from C section to A list
I Beat them to the punch and be the first to say this
Comin up they had nothing so they parodied a lisp
Speech impediment I couldn't trick, or resist
Big bang on stage like it's cool to be paid
Young, dumb, star struck thought the game was amazing
Pursuing what It take, what it do to be famous
Had to starv and sell my car Ain't no shame about it
My life so far like game 7 OT
And you boys think you calling the shots like Jeremy Roenick
spirit out this world, space ghost coast to coasting
it's been them closest got beef with how we rolling
Started out in Hollywood, Apollo on a mission
Days turned to months dawg I'm still fly
Slinging pizzas for a living, hit up all the auditions
Slept in spots So tired so I lied where my crib is
That's a double meaning, That's a ton of beatings I took
in east Los Angeles, So far from family
Gotta be a man about it
20 years old, reality check I couldn't cash, couldn't handle it, nah

I know one day We'll fly.... it'll be alright Then we wont have to try (x2)

I finally get it now, the truth ain't make sense
I seen a common denominator in all this past tense
Caused all this rap mess, been stalling god bless
Apollo laugh last, sick to the stomach with stress
And I'm
In it to where I'm at with just the shit that's in my pocket
My god I wanted to be an actor for so long Forgot to be me
Sometimes you gotta see things in a different perspective, Right?
Sometimes the light casts a separate persona
Fortune favors the bold, breaking the mold
Dropped outta school cuz I ain't do what I'm told
They so close minded they drying and fold
Stalling careers with tall tales man this shit getting old
And I can't tell my girl cuz
She gone think I'm crazy, she gone go and hate me
She asked what I've been working on.... I said a plan
someway to get up out of here
someday When we have money baybay we'll fly away

I know one day We'll fly.... it'll be alright Then we won't have to try (x2)

Truth be told, gone too far to turn back
Gone alone so long on a tank so empty
And I'm thirsty I put the work in my guy so don't tempt me
Eventually seein the Pie in the sky it's sent to me
Been waiting all my life to verbally undress destiny
Take her out for dinner, shit I'll even take the check
Generating a buzz, then we hitting the club
before I'm 25, Think I'll be doing just fine