1. Blood Work

From the recording Think and Grow Rich

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Blood Work

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Track number 5 from Think and Grow Rich. Download free.


Stuck in an avatar the way that you play me, I'm more then a creature
Watching the sky fall Isn't it lovely, then why am I lonely?
Like citizen Kane we thought we had it all
With no one to share it
Going to movies all by myself, should I be embarrassed?
Your on the road again, I'm stuck at home again, I wanna be out there
Resentment is growing, feelings on hold, So tired of not knowing
Is your heart pumping? Doesn't your blood work? Do you still feel me?
Don't you feel bad that your tearing this apart? do you feel guilty?

Yeah I do, always telling me about it
Can you hear me do, you like fucking and forgetting
Are you in the mood Think I care what your wearing?
Can you help me out? All alone in the limo
Overdose on these bars like ambience imma need an ambelance or panoramic view of something adequate
Yo ass turn things askew with tension in the room got Me panicking, funny
It used to be the squeaky wheel earn the oil, now the squealer in the slammer better find a click with loyalty
And All y'all sport the same cut in the club but think yours the freshest makes you famous
Shame on you, close minded ass ghastly scared to change
These days A flat stuck in a major, predicament
Why every fake say they the realist
Then blow up my phone tell me my ghost writes geniuses?
Board game with a Ouija, Napping after deep sleep, I Tattoo a cheat sheet, pay a restaurant to reheat
Direct electricity then static shocked me
Got me Kicking down doors in the cryptogram kingdom
And now I lay awake with cold sweats?
Closing down distances between us?
Blood work keeps coming back, positive I can't relax

Blood work keeps coming back, positive I can't relax
Pumped out through distances, there's distance between us (x5)