1. The Thrill

From the recording Think and Grow Rich

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The Thrill

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I grew up in the burbs of Chicago, Went to school out west
More concerned with passing time then I was passing tests
Assumed I was too smart to be scammed but I digress
High power of thinking foreshadowed recipes for success
Met some special people on the road but lost a lot too
And I damn near lost my mind until introduced to you
Passion in your words we got so much in common
Got so many critics that call it So much nonsense
But what if what I heard had inspired the kid
Gave goosebumps how you pumped life into my veins
It's like this pain is such a sudden rush a virtual beating
And I mean no disrespect it just hurt so much to stay
true to myself in this world that keeps changing
Friendship, romance, adventure how I became
Too occupied with thoughts no time to provide
accommodations, One day I'll tour with you, see the whole nation

If it wasn't for this I'd be all alone
And if it wasn't for you I'd be out on my own

I Don't wanna grow up you know We're both just childish
Me in my behavior you it's kind of like your namesake
Had me putting on my own persona something To relate to
Did you ever get the letter I sent last summer? You know
The one sealed in 4 layers of duct tape, inside I put in the tape
professed my love for your art and how it helped me escape
When I say it aloud, sounds kinda stupid
But in my mind I think there's a chance dude I do
spent the better half of the past six years practicing in my room
self produced, gave up using mind altering fusions
reached the rubicon from clueless, mixtape they asking whose this?
Fronting in front of friends, playing dumb playing dead
Done paying for changes had my pockets full of lent
Now they filled with nothing but they ain't filled with regrets
Saying please Apollo pitch more ideas I pitch tents
So I can watch the shooting stars and skip rent

If it wasn't for this I'd be all alone
And if it wasn't for you I'd be out on my own

I remember it all, I REMEMBER IT ALL
Oh my god how I remember it all, Standing tall
Used to be the punchline, oh that's funny right?
But now you pay to hear these jokes, so that's funny right?
we were just kids but double trouble exiled by you folks
Reconciled through my writing Fighting excited me on the D low
Probably why it's hard for me to get along with other people
Mix warm cough syrup with Benadryl just to feel
Alive, and I can dream just what I want
Give me liberty, death or give me a reason
A touch, a love, a feeling, something to believe in
a pot to piss in I'd even take another beating
Barstow 1003 saw the fall but didn't see it
What defined my existence when I gave the desert it's HEAT BACK
Biggest choice in my life came and went in A MINUTE
...So call me when You hear this recognize who it was written for

If it wasn't for this I'd be all alone
And if it wasn't for you I'd be out on my own