1. Hero

From the recording Think and Grow Rich

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Track number 8, the first single from Think and Grow Rich. Music Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlUJxWYTqxg Download free.


I'm out waiting all night for the stars to align
Been praying for a shooting star to visit me
To all my peoples on they hand and knees begging for a chance
If we stay on track it gets easier
I seen Beauty in the suffering, Stumble to pursue
Given every chance to quit that's when you gotta push through
When the instincts in your skin win let it lift you
Let it levitate, let faith make you
a hero, Well that's kind of how this is, misses
destiny reset the clock it keeps ticking
Had to take a chance Cant wait another minute
had to take the bait or never know what I'd be missing
You ain't have confidence in your life like this
No, you ain't ever learn to love yourself promise
Spent a lifetime waiting For the fight like this, True
but We been riding all night like this dude

My hero said trust no one to help you get there, get it?
I was young when I learned that but I learned it in an instant
I Hate the way I Get sometimes I get so reminiscent
oh captain my captain had dead poets visits
those voices i ignored hoping I ain't crazy
were the same pushing me to be the best I can be
Thought I had it all, it all had me complacent
Now In four short years I'll give you credit on stage see
So sorry for the trouble never told you what you meant
And it hurts so much to say this but I wrote em all check
All grown up now so many strangers came and went
All blown up now but the game ain't put a dent
In who I am, how I was, what I love and where I went
Nearly lost my damn mind those days I really needed a friend
Someone to calm me down someone to light my cigarette
And I mean it when I say it that I'm with you to the end
You bailed, you bailed, you bailed I still stayed
I still think about this with every record I played
Every first dance every glass of red wine slayed
You know I grew to fill these boots how we used to misbehave
Took a rundown the descent now I'm feeling awesome
But The pride came just before a long damn fall
No applause since autumn falling past rock bottom
Hero offers wise words saying get em, I got em

this my passion; I'm rappin beyond infinity
Dream residual scars, just doin it differently
On the rocks, on the fly, In my bed, in a lie
Keep speaking my mind until the day I die
The flashing lights, how we passed the time
living through a vision through a song we pantomimed
One day I'll take you with me and we'll all fly away
grow these wings together no more worries no more pain
A display of our art and these talents we conjugated
Gazing at the stars felt so cold, alone and naked
Screaming I got dreams and I got a right to chase em!
Fears holding you back boy don't be afraid to face em
Spent SO much time being SO self conscious
From Baltic to boardwalk my god What a monopoly
If I could take it all back I wouldn't take it all back
those experiences on my own helped me truly understand