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Ain't it something, the way we bumping
How we got here, the way we done it
How we lived it, how we love it, no more frontin, came from nothin (x2)

So much heart Doc call it cardiomegaly
So much art, man apart Grammy eventually
Murder a track give em Js laced with ketamine
Listen while you wasted Shitfaceded human centipede
Appetite for knowledge musta slid out from under me
Must of Had too much to eat now I'll never go hungry
Must have had too much to drink, in vino veritas
Man you shouldda seen us we was tearing the street up
Skating on the shoreline, watching the city lights
Dreaming of a life I could finally say the cities mine
Dining and dashing from OC to Calabasas
Public transportation dodging bullets and taxes
HI my name is clone and I don't have a home
no I don't have a place I DO not feel alone
News flash Well cultured ain't just stamps in a passport
Ignorance is bliss you've never lived under a landlord
Damn I hope I don't offend with these jokes
Fired as a server cuz I slept with the hosts
Fired up to take the broken pieces make it perfect
Don't wanna Argue with traffic or hate the place I work
Taking taxis, yelling at me, in the back seat, relax please
i'm Just having fun, my shoulders so low
Oh you ain't heard my single guess you riding solo
Why'd you bring me here anyways I just wanna go

Ain't it something, the way we bumping
How we got here, the way we done it
How we lived it, how we love it, no more frontin, came from nothin (x2)

about to turn some heads, this close to a record deal
when think and grow rich drop call back time I feel it
didn't make me who I am kept me calm, kept me real
Take a month off to soul search in Tierra del Fuego
Why can't I talk to women and not picture them naked
Play it off in my mind all the time I'm replaying it
When I say I respect their intellect I think I'm just saying it
Smart enough to know hearing that shit make em lay with me
I know one day this shit will catch up and it might hurt
No more handouts, putting these fake friends to work
until then I stay on this feeling atop the world
Take it with a grain of salt if I make ya brow furrow
Taking taxis, bitch say she too good for uber
She look down on rappers but work in offices with computers
A storage subordinate can't picture a future with
even if a horoscope ordered it But the sex got me loitering
Just saying credit should be given where its due
Coulda burned some bridges learned that lesson I was 22
In a room full of fuck ups twice my age gettin schooled
Ain't it something the way I Contradicted rap had y'all fooled

Yeah, had y'all fooled didn't I?
Ain't it something...
.... yeah it's something