1. Hypochondria

From the recording Think and Grow Rich

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Had a mental breakdown down on the L
Or I had epiphanies really couldn't tell
Cruising through the south side everybody gone
And I'm sitting on the train while my psyche in the air
used to be I leave the booth rejuvenated
tracks we spent the night creating, fearing them days faded lately, little lady
Married girl she be all up on my mind, she be all up into trouble watch me record all the time
Hearing you on your way Apollo Think We in the business
Until Misses predicament had me reverse my position
Old girl comin through with descriptive incidents
Couldda saved myself the trouble if I ain't get Suspicious
Get out get out Felt like I was in the Sunken place
Know you ain't used to make up you just wanna cover up your face
So Do we take the handouts or bite the hand that feeding us?
It's beating time, when I ain't around and it's eating me
Alive, can't tell if we've advanced as a species
Got me depleted the jig ain't up but the lease is, Jesus
she say, she puts up with it because the work feeds us
She say when you leave the room Apollo that's when he releases demons

It's been a long damn fall
Through it all, bet you exhausted
Memories are haunting
So Stand tall and fight the monster (x2)

Asking What a man would do, a hero would Take action
All the times I seen integrity sacrificed for satisfaction
For years I should have known this was blowing smoke and mirrors
And courage could be the catalyst that sparked a reaction, I can
look in your eyes and tell you been mistreated
ain't no need to speak it, the silence shows me everything
I can see him staring, your quiet, I'm keeping silent too
Concerned working the courage to keep violence out this room
And its shameful the way civil structure's misconstrued
And how we fear our own shadows getting swept up in the movement
I find the more I write the more I feel ashamed
I get that Dr Jekyll, Plus a baby had you elope him
And now the truth outspoken provoked by tear soaked pages
She gone blue in the face and I got no one else to Blame
Cuz I'm a grown ass man now, do something, her eyes would say
But mine had dollar signs pretended each and every day
That It's okay my phone out I zone out out to relax
Another shooting In the news again I'm getting used to that
This time near the booth the straw just broke the camels back
Think This prison Stockholm syndrome shit gettin out of hand
Gritting my teeth, Gripping the wheel determined for action
But I was too late dawg boxes wrapped and packed up
In my mind I'm rappin too, still telling the truth
See no evil, they disappeared, now I'm left with loose screws

It's been a long damn fall
Through it all, bet you exhausted
Memories are haunting
So Stand tall and fight the monster (x2)