1. Save My Life

From the recording Pills Kill Genius

The intro track off Pills Kill Genius


One last night
See my life
Cut the lights
Numb inside
No more lows
Wrong is right
Special mind
Save my life

She don't fuck with me no more
She ain't happy its out my control
Stabbed me in psyche
Imma need some guidance

Found her in the cold gold mind so frozen
She just wanna smoke her soul so potent
I been on the come up yeah I stay focused
24 hours until we both sober

Found myself so deep inside you
Gone so long where are you hiding
Put yourself in my shoes darling
Could you kick this stool from under me

You knew there would be a rap
You knew I was coming back
You know just where I stand
You knew where things were at
I'm out here by myself
You know I feel trapped
You know I cant resist, withhold or combat
What if money ain't change this all
We'd be flipping them songs, getting along
More focused on business, who got it all wrong
Must be just egos, goes pride then the fall
Don't ever fuck with facts
Don't ever change the name
Don't ever show your cards
Don't ever quit this game
You knew this was business, insisted its personal
Snakes become critics the distaste so versatile
Versions of my journey: journal to murkin you
Long way from Barstow, bar none still serving you
Worshiping sights of burnt bridges I'm learning from
Lot of people come and gone left scars still hurting from
Last album rang the bell finally got the sauce to sell
I'm from the loop Infinite Groove on air I dared to give em hell, it's crazy
You wanna stay the same but hope for changed results
Yeah, you knew me back before this life, I'll never sow them wild oats