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I was outside late one night, it snowed I walked home barefoot just to feel I saw you wearing summertime clothes in the cold With that painted on smile only I know You were at a bar laughing out loud, it seemed From afar you’re happier without me Guess I get it; I’d be happier without me Outgrew all my tears and apologies I seek constant validation And all these mental problems overlap my creative I’m always lost in the past or a dark place They took away my family, the scars make my heart race Now I don’t really ever get to watch the Sun go down Because I’m afraid to see another day pass me by I won’t leave my room because there ain’t nothing else outside No one even to come check on me if I died I feel nauseous, I let myself down Hate consequences, I beat myself up My head don’t feel right, there’s nobody real left You knew where my heart was when you heard my first song Move along, move along My exes friends says that I only ever did her wrong Why you can’t ever tell ‘em that we did each other wrong? And we picked each other up, every couple ups and downs I’m drowning, every pleasant thought I had these days now I’m doubting I need affirmation, heavy doses or I’m not well Remember holding roses, how the thorns made my heart feel