Did you notice how quiet I got? You ain’t think I could get so low On the phone heard you cry, why you crying? Ain’t believe me said I got to go Sometimes I ain’t feel like lying But I do it because I do it so well Sometimes she ain’t good at lying Kind of funny, turns me on when she tries I don’t think I ever heard you scream so loud Do you remember when the world went upside down? Used to curse myself, until I’d hurt myself If I told you I’m sorry, I lied I’m still trying To find me inside you, these walls they’re still talking I’m fucking exhausted of turning and tossing Alone in this coffin, I’m sorry, good bye and so long So don’t leave yet, stay a secret I was fine until the world started bleeding Do you feel me? Can u heal this? Swear them tears in your eyes sound so real I remember when the world came crashing down I don’t think I ever heard u scream so loud Swear to god it’s like them eyes was shooting stars How they light up skies so open wide I remember, I remember I remember when the wall came crumbling down Cascaded through my heart, baby you dropped bombs I don’t think I ever heard you scream so loud Why you leaving? What’s your secret? Saw him there by your side, you can keep him So deceiving, can’t stop the bleeding Saying we was straight to my face, I believed it Coked out until I bleed out, feel hollow When the sun goes up, come down Getting lost but I felt so strong I died for a minute, vibe gone, good god I remember, I remember I remember feeling sorry for myself I don’t think you ever heard me scream so loud On my own, maybe I’ll see you around