Guidelines for using Music from Apollo clone

UPDATE: You will receive a message from TuneCore on behalf of Apollo Clone. This is NOT a YouTube strike and will NOT hurt your good standing with YouTube. This is our way of collecting royalties through advertisements. IT IS REQUIRED IN ORDER TO USE MUSIC FROM APOLLO CLONE. Do NOT dispute the claim – all that will do is send us a message and does NOT change anything. We do this so we can fund the production process and make more music for everyone to enjoy. This is required when using our music in your video – it is NOT a copyright strike.  


Hey friend! Thanks for being interested in using our music in your project! We understand what it’s like to hear a song that is “perfect” for a project you are working on or have in mind. We want to work with you! Even though our music is under copyright we are very willing to let you use it free of charge! In order to make this work we have MANDATORY guidelines that must be applied! We encourage you to send us your videos here! See below:  


• All credit must be given to APOLLO CLONE (written in description, appropriate links, etc.) – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter links – Spread the word and help us build our online community!! At the bottom of the page is the content that MUST be copy and pasted into your projects description or in the video itself. This allows us to let you use our music without legal issues.  


• All music must remain in it’s original state and should not be altered without written consent  


• Yes, the audio is free, but you are NOT allowed to distribute it on your personal website, personal download etc. – ALL downloads and distribution MUST ONLY come from Official Leader sources. 


• Under NO circumstances should the audio of APOLLO CLONE be used for commercial use or any type of financial profit without written consent Apollo clone or a legal representative on behalf of Apollo Clone. 


• When using music from APOLLO CLONE, the content of your video/media should not be pornographic or “suggestive” in any way shape or form – keep it clean and family friendly! Trust us, we REALLY monitor this! We mean it when we say “keep it clean”.  


• If you have any questions on guidelines, or have special requests please email us at  



• Make sure it’s AWESOME. Send us the link(s) to your stuff so we can see what you can do with our music!  


Credit and Copyright  

↓(copy and paste this into your project)↓  



Music © Apollo Clone 2021  

If you want to use music from Apollo Clone, read the copyright guidelines here:

29 (Separate Ways)

Apollo Clone

This is the last song of my 20’s so I wanted to dedicate it to that part of my life, and to the somber realization that sometimes two people in love may need to part ways before they destroy each other.

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